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Thanks Chloe Kardoggian and PetSmart!

We’d like to send a big shoutout to our tiny pal @ChloeKardoggian and her mama Dorie, along with PetSmart, for raising $5,000 for our Fospice program!

Just a few months ago, Chloe held an Instagram “Kissing Booth” fundraiser in honor of her 100,000-Followers milestone.

In just one week, she earned nearly 80,000 kissy-face emojis, enough to warrant a $5,000 grant from PetSmart Charities!

With $5,000, we can sponsor at least ten more dogs in 2017, providing each one with several hundred dollars (to their rescue group) right off the bat, as well as covering care costs and (sad, but we must prepare) end-of-life costs. The goal is to make the sponsored dog feel comfortable and spoiled, and to show appreciation to the caretaker by alleviating them of any costs associated with their Fospice dog. This should be a positive experience, despite the inevitable difficult aspects of giving a home to a homeless dog during his/her final months.

Dorie isn’t a stranger to the love of senior dogs. She told PetSmart Charities last year of her passion for the oldies (but goodies).

Visitors to Dorie Herman’s apartment in Jersey City are greeted by two excited pups—Cupid, a handsome blonde mix who loves barking hello, and Chloe Kardoggian, a chocolate Chihuahua weighing four pounds with two teeth and one very long tongue. […] “The people at the shelter where I adopted Cupid told me he was around 11 years old,” Dorie says, “but my vet said he’s more between 6 and 8. Chloe will be 12 in May. I specifically looked for adults and seniors—they make great pets.”

While puppies are usually the first to be adopted from shelters, Dorie is a big fan of adult dogs. Her Cocker Spaniel Boston was also an adult when Dorie adopted him. “There was no chewing on everything, the way puppies do,” she says. “He’d already been trained, so no piddle pads around the house. I was working a ton at the time, and he was much easier for me.”

Adopting seniors is the best thing I’ve ever done. There may be challenging times, but animal adoption is the one thing you’ll never ever regret.

– Dorie Herman, mom to @chloekardoggian & Cupid

Remember Chloe’s charitable senior dogs calendar last year? How fab was that? We are so grateful for her support over the years!

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