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The Joys of Fostering a Senior Dog

Senior Poodle Rose found Rachel through Foster Dogs, and left quite an impression on her foster mom. As you can imagine with our Fospice program and our work with Susie’s Senior Dogs, senior dogs hold a special place in our hearts.

Rachel sent us some thoughts on why she chose to foster Rose, and what this experience has meant to her.

“Of all the dogs out there who need and deserve homes, senior dogs are the ones my heart goes out to the most. They are not always as energetic or as irresistibly adorable as puppies, and they don’t have as many years ahead of them, but, like older people, they have a soulfulness and a calming energy that can be just as rewarding (or more rewarding!) to be around. While a younger pooch might have more energy for playing fetch, going for long walks, or socializing with other dogs, senior dogs are there for cuddling up on the couch, enjoying long belly rubs, or just hanging out quietly while you go about your day.

Many older dogs who end up in the shelter system have been through a lot, uprooted from their longstanding lives and routines; they deserve to live out their golden years with people who care for them and can make them feel comfortable and secure.”

Fostering any dog is a wonderful act of kindness; fostering a senior dog is something extra special, and it gives something extra special in return.

– Rachel A.

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