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UCB Comedy and Foster Dogs

Comedian Timothy Dunn from Upright Citizens Brigade invited Foster Dogs to bring some adoptable pups for a live special last Thursday.

Tim with foster dog Elana from Friends with Four Paws

Elana and Teebo (Friends with Four Paws) and Kermit (Shelter Chic), as well as Shaggy (@ozzieandtheaussie) joined us in the studio for the 3-hour #DunnWithDogs shoot!

Founder Sarah Brasky with her dog Shaggy @ozzieandtheaussie

What’s better than spending an afternoon cracking up with adoptable dogs? Nuthin!

Tim with foster dog Kermit from Shelter Chic

Support our organization so we can participate in many more fun events which promote fostering and adoption! Thank you UCB and Tim Dunn for spreading the word about dog rescue.

Tim and Elana, cuddling


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