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We Threw a Surprise Puppy Party at iHeartRadio

Ever been at the office on a quiet winter afternoon and heard your coworker from another room yell, “PUPPIES!”? iHeartRadio invited us for a surprise party on #NationalPuppyDay March 23rd, kept super-secret among their staff until word broke out that Thursday afternoon. Five adorable rescue puppies made 200 employees very happy campers when we quietly walked into the lobby and surprised the staff with furry pups! Lo and behold, there were smiles on everyone’s faces.

What’s better for employee morale than snuggling with sweet puppies, taking adorable photos, and texting your partner, “Pleaseeeee honey, can’t we take one home? #cutenessoverload

All five puppies are up for adoption through BARRK Rescue; two have gone to their forever homes, and three are still looking for forever families. Interested in adopting one of these babies? Email us: info [at]!

DONATE to Foster Dogs so we can support rescue puppies and save more lives!

Photos by Sarah Brasky @thedogmatchmaker

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