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Our Programs

Foster Roster

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Fostering can make a world of difference to a shelter dog. Taking a scared, anxious, hyperactive, or depressed dog out of a shelter environment can change him/her completely; foster homes help the animal realize that there is beauty and joy in life! The dog will be a better version of him/ herself for that time when a potential adopter comes around. It’s also a wonderful thing for the person involved: exercise, socialize with new people, have a constant companion, and of course feel great about doing a wonderful thing.

There are so many homeless dogs out there, and it can be helpful to get the “inside scoop” about dogs that would be great for you! With over 1,000 applicants, this list is an invaluable resource for us, in order to help rescue groups in need. Your information will not be shared with a third party without your consent.

Potential foster? Rescue group that wants to work with us? Read more about the Foster Roster.


Operation Foster Bound


With a goal to bring attention to dogs who have been waiting a long time for a forever home, Foster Dogs is launching Operation Foster Bound. The program focuses on a small group of dogs from who’ve gotten the short end of the stick.

One of the biggest burdens that people encounter when fostering is the financial aspect. In an effort to alleviate this issue, nonprofit organization Foster Dogs will provide food, training, transportation, and supplies to dogs fostered through this unique program.

By lending a helping hand, Foster Dogs hopes people will gain interest and foster an overlooked shelter dog.

Read more about Operation Foster Bound


Foster Workshops


Our three-part foster workshop series focuses on the following themes: dog care, dog health, and dog training. Workshops are free and open to anyone interested in fostering a dog, and/or becoming a better dog caretaker in general. Our series aims to help people prepare themselves for what’s expected when fostering a dog, how to deal with challenges, and how to prepare one’s self for the journey.

Read more about the workshops we offer



Gina Fospice

“Fospice” is our program to provide end-of-life comfort and care to a homeless, terminally ill, and elderly dog (that is, a dog with a limited time left on this earth). We chose this name for our program based on the hospice idea of providing comfort and care. Our goal is to save a life, and to inspire others to help however possible.

Read more about Fospice and check out our blog for more posts about our Fospice recipients!


Foster Fitness

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When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than exercising with your pooch! Foster Dogs teamed up with Fit Tours NYC and Dog Palace training group to create a workout with adoptable dogs. Foster Fitness isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to get healthy, connect with a community of dog lovers, and– of course– play with dogs! Proceeds from Foster Fitness go to our Fospice Fund.

Read more about Foster Fitness on our blog

Another way we get fit with our fidos is on Foster Pack Walks. Adopted and foster dogs alike love fresh air in Central Park, and their humans love it just as much! Going on a Foster Pack Walk is a great way to meet other fosters and volunteers, to socialize your dog while they are safely leashed, and to get exercise! Join us in the future for leisurely, 5K strolls around the park.

Read more about Foster Pack Walks on our blog

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