Connecting homeless dogs with people who want to foster!

  • Feature in Fortune MagazineJune 14th, 2017

    Foster Dogs was featured in Fortune Mag recently, starring our Executive Director Sarah Brasky, aka: The Dog Matchmaker.

  • Developing a Dog Foster Program in 7th GradeMay 26th, 2017

    Written for by Alexa Kaplan, 7th Grade Teacher at Quest to Learn. 
    At Quest to Learn, students are immersed in game-like learning experiences throughout the school year.

  • Photo of the Day: One-Eared Puppy All Grown UpMay 22nd, 2017

    We featured Baby Beauregard two years ago, rescued as a teeny pocket-sized puppy (see first photo below, freshly rescued) mid-December 2014.

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